Access Control systems

  • Door and Premises Access
  • Telephone and Video Entry Systems
  • Proximity Readers, Chip Readers, Biometric Readers
  • Integration of Security, Surveillance and Access Control
  • Time Attendance Management
  • Magnetic Door Holders and Locks
  • Keypads, Key Cards, Key Fobs
  • RFID Card Access Control

Whether you are improving on or implementing a new access control system, “V-force” has the products you need to meet your exact security goals for your facility. We offer top-of-the-line hardware and complimentary software that drives the system to effectively protect your facility, keeping your personnel, property, assets and visitors protected.

We will happily provide an obligation to survey of your premises, advising you of the most suitable locking system to protect your business.

Visitor Management

To be sure that there is no harm to your facility and its equipment, intelligence or personnel, many companies choose to implement a visitor management system. This can be obtained through physical security as well as with certain hardware.

Pin key pad

Ideal for access control, time and attendance or other applications where card data and/or Keypad data is required. Most access controllers can use either the card data or the keypad data for access during busy hours, and require the higher security level of the combined data during off hours


The most common form of card access is a proximity reader. These readers offer a stable and dependable technology while remaining affordable. Proximity readers use a specific RF frequency to excite a chip that is imbedded in a card, key-tag, or other technology. The card reflects back the RF signal with an encrypted code number. Proximity technology is an excellent choice for implementing a card access security system.


Smart Cards allow personnel and visitors controlled access to facilities and areas within a facility through a personalized card. This card holds the personal information that allows specific personnel access to certain areas and information. These cards also use proximity technology but are able to store much more information than standard smart card systems and common access cards hardware.


The hardware you purchase to regulate your access control system is only as good as the software on which it runs. Since software is the graphical user interface that the employees in your company will use to access the system the software must be user friendly, intuitive, and offer well designed help menus.