• Bio-Metric Fingerprint Access Control
  • Palm Print Access Control
  • IRIS Access Control
  • Face Identification Access Control
  • Voice Recognition Access control

“V-force” access control integrated systems provide additional features beyond mechanical key control. Electronic access control systems are operated by either RFID swipe cards, biometric readers, wireless Bluetooth, pin password codes or proximity cards or fobs, which instantly identifies and permits access to authorised person whilst denying entry to unauthorised persons. We can design, supply and install the most suitable cost effective access control system to suit your needs for your site whether small or large


Biometrics readers, like fingerprint or retinal scanners etc, allow a company to control access in specific areas of the facility by identifying personnel through physical characteristics. This extremely specific type of access control offers the utmost security and eliminates the risk of stolen access cards.

Bio-Metric Palm /Fingerprint Access Control: Palm/ Finger print recognition is fast advancing as a biometric security system technology with technology growing in leaps and bounds. It uses the physical parameter of an individual to establish and verify the identity. It is the most popular form of biometric security system. We as Dealers help in the establishment as well as maintenance in the fingerprint security systems for office and home needs. Systems assure that the security is not breached, also at office the attendance 100% authentic.

IRIS Access Control: Iris scanner is one prominent type of access control device which is used for both residential and office security. Iris scanners are used to permit access in restricted areas and also in many areas for attendance regularization as they are more accurate than the fingerprint recognizing devices Iris scanner will take a digital photo of the iris of a person which cannot be altered or manipulated with ease. The access control iris scanner will take the photograph of the iris of a person using infra red rays which are less or no harmful to the most sensitive organ of a human body. Once the digital photography is taken, the iris scanner compares it with the recorded iris proof of a particular person to grant access.

Face Identification Access Control: Face Recognition Systems are used to recognize, identify and verify the authorized person entering the premises. The digital image of the concerned person is saved in this device, which facilitate in identifying the person and granting access in the premises. These systems are widely used in corporate offices, military areas, government offices, banks and other places.

Voice Recognition Access control: Voice-based biometric authentication system involves the use of pitch, tone and rhythm of the speech to establish a unique pattern. This identity is recorded in the database of the biometric system for reference. Whenever a voice sample is fed as input for access, the matching is done for identification & authentication. The accuracy of voice-based biometric authentication system can be affected by several factors. Some of them are – background noise, illness, age, difference in the microphone setup, telephones, etc. Though such factors are not restricted only to voice recognition, they affect the accuracy of authorization. The accuracy of biometric system is evaluated based on parameters like False Acceptance Rate (FAR), False Rejection Rate (FRR) & failure to enrol. The biometric system through voice recognition can be reinforced with another form of authentication; like the use of passwords.

Revolutionary Iris Identity Management “V-force” introduces one of the most advanced, cost-effective and efficient biometric identity management systems available. Until now, generations of iris, retina, fingerprint and hand geometry readers required users to stand in place until their identity could be verified. Theses readers capture user's iris code data at a distance and in motion while the individual is approaching. Second only to an individual's DNA, the iris remains a proven biological constant, well beyond that of fingerprints—providing the utmost in security. Additionally, access control users can rest assured that the only information being collected from them is a high definition photograph of their iris. Whether the security entry point is a high throughput turn-style, office door or parking gate, these biometric readers ensure maximum convenience with unprecedented accuracy.