V-force stands for: “VIGILANT FORCE”

Attentive to discover and avoid danger, to provide for safety; wakeful; watchful; guarded vigilance

A group of people having the power for effective action

Management & personnel

“V-force” is an organisation, managed by ex-servicemen has collaborated with professional who are internationally educated and qualified in various aspects of electronic protection systems and modern security/safety mechanism. “V-force” has robust management governance; our business spectrum is managed by globally knowledgeable panel and Indian Ex-servicemen executive board of directors. The board is comprised of executive & non-executive directors with advisory panel in collaboration with the senior management team, who are responsible for our corporate governance and ultimately accountable for our activities, strategy and performance.

Technicians & Personnel

“V-force” technicians are trained accordingly to the safety parameters to deliver best possible services, through consistent and by all means effort to provide with high quality of workmanship. Our technicians & personnel’s are well trained, not only qualified but well educated to handle any task at hand in a professional manner. Our Professional Service Team works hand-in-hand with customers to help them achieve the most from their investment in “V-force” integrated systems. We work in partnership with our Channel Partners to understand customers’ existing business processes and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to ensure that all opportunities are realized

Corporate governance

The key factor of our success remains the effective role of our corporate governance

V-force is dedicated in maintaining the uppermost standards of Corporate Governance that focus on intelligibility, professionalism, honesty and accountability. V-force is committed to good corporate governance and proficient management who definitely believe in basic human values whilst in its operations.

We work on a set of rules and follow such principles that are tailored to meet the all the time evolving state of affairs. We consider the surroundings and well being of our people who work with us and concurrent to the environment that we all benefit, that directly leads to quality assurance and customer benefit. We assure security and reliability of our employees, continuously work on health and safety of our employees and clients, and follow environmental laws and regulations, thus providing high quality assurance through every stage of our business process.

Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate culture is created by our values and managing philosophy that defines the way we support our stakeholders, customers and employees. Our culture is based on some important facades that respect and value diversity in all its forms, our ethical conduct have satisfied our customers and grown our business, doing the right thing through integrity have won hearts of customers, our organisational process initiatives are continuous and reinforced through certifications and our cyclic contribution to improvement is our training factor which enables us to maintain quality and minimize negative impacts , the enormous drive of productivity is directly intergraded to the strive of our employees , the quality improving process has gained trust of our customers and well versed our attitude through collaboration & communication aspects . Our responsible and sustainable business practice is accountable for ethical business performance.

Organizational Structure

Corporate Social Responsibility

We feel that it is important to build up the community around us. That is why we created a Corporate Social Responsibility Program that benefits our employees, stakeholders and community. When you give us your business, we grow. And when we grow, so does our community impact. We're a company you can feel good about.

To know more ............Please Call our office and request for our CSR Manual