“V-force” provides security and safety training services at all times with essence of quality in distinction. We develop knowledge, skills, and abilities at all levels to enable them to share a common understanding of Security protective techniques and safety countermeasures, we believe our area of greatest potential influence is how our training is used and targeted to implement improvements that will have a positive impact on safety.

We have the opportunity to strongly encourage colleges, schools, local agencies, institutes, social welfare organizations, corporate offices about the precise effectiveness of safety countermeasures. We are highly confident that certain processes, infrastructure design techniques, and safety features are effective and should be encouraged. Safety should be considered at every stage of development process. Every decision should consider the impact on safety and every project should include appropriate safety enhancement features.

Electronic Protective Systems

Intrusion detection & Alarm sensor systems
CCTV & IP Camera Systems
Access Control & Biometrics
Laser Security
CCTV Control Room Operations

Fire & Chemical

Fire safety & Chemical Safety
Fire Extinguisher training Programme

Health & Safety

First Aid & Health and wellbeing
Occupational Health & safety

Security Operations

Modern security Operations Crowd Control Operations Traffic & Parking Control Basic Security self defense