Using the highest quality fire alarm system products is the best way to ensure that your facility, personnel and ideas remain protected from a devastating fire. Since the outset, “V-force” has been providing customers with the products they need to create the system that is right for their business.

What any organization is concerned about is the safety of both the employees and the office. Smoke detectors are very much essential to detect fire breakouts. For a small organization, large-scale wired smoke detectors may not be the best choice! In this case, interconnected smoke detectors that are placed at regular intervals work best. The stand-alone detectors alert you at the first hint of smoke.

Fire Alarms Systems

Addressable Fire alarm systems Addressable Fire devices Conventional Fire alarm Systems High Rise Alarm and Voice evacuation system Wide network Fire Alarm System Mass Fire Notification Systems Early warning detection systems (VESDA) Smoke Alarms & Detection Systems Fire Alert Communication system Onset Fire Communicating System

Smoke Alarm System

Ionization Smoke Alarm System Photoelectric Smoke Alarm System Dual Technology Smoke Alarm System Hardwired Smoke alarm Systems Standalone Smoke alarm Systems

Fire Detection systems

Air Sampling (High Speed Early Warning) Detection Linear Heat Detection Flame Detection Spark Detection (or Ember Detection) Video Smoke Detection

Gas & Liquid Leake Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems Refrigerant Monitoring Systems Liquid Leak Detection Systems Integrated Fire and Gas Detection Systems

Fire Service Include

Consultation and design Building Surveys Complete Building Safety Inspections Inspection of Fire Alarm, and Emergency Lighting When ever-where ever 24 hrs emergency assistance

Conventional Systems: No matter what your risk of fire is, every facility has to observe certain fire protection specifications. If your facility is not at a greater risk for fires, a conventional system including smoke, heat or duct detectors and manual pull stations may be all you need.

Analog/Addressable Fire Alarm Systems: Depending on the local Fire station approach time your building may require a more advanced system. Analog / Addressable systems provide point ID of all of the detection devices in the system. These systems allow for pinpoint location of a potential fire. “V-force offers” a selection ranging from beam smoke detectors to photo smoke detectors and manual pull systems, all of which are addressable.

Voice Evacuation Systems: “V-force” offers products that immediately announce the danger of a fire that requires evacuation, stay-in place and other public addresses. These voice evacuation systems are directly integrated into the system and may be required depending on the local building codes.

Fire Alarm Communicators & Software: Assuring that your fire alarm communicator is up to code and capable of reaching the proper authorities is an essential part of any system. “V-force” offer communicators that are operable across any network or system. Your protection from a fire is only as good as the product that will detect and warn you of the danger you are faced with. Whether your building or facility requires smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull station or duct detectors to keep your facility safe, these products have to be of high quality and compatible with the system.

Notification Appliances (Audible/ Visual) : Notifications appliances are used to notify people in the building in the event of a fire. These devices need to meet strict audible and visual requirements depending on the code, building and occupancy type. “V-force “will select the proper notification devices that are required to make your building meet all national and local codes.

Video Smoke Detection: is also similar to flame detection. In this case, the similarity is in the idea of viewing an open area for evidence of a fire. In the case of video smoke detection, the system’s ability to detect a fire is based on computer analysis of the visual data. The processor looks for specific motion patterns of smoke and fire (while ignoring other onscreen movement patterns. Applications include large open areas where traditional smoke detection may be impractical or inefficient, buildings with high ceilings, areas with high air movement, etc.

System Designs & Certifications: “V-force” assures its clients that their systems are designed under the approval of the National Fire Alarm Code , operating under certified Fire alarm systems