Security Guards
Professional security
Security Supervisors
Security Officers
CCTV Operators
Parking wardens
Security Guards
Gatehouse Guards
Foot Patrolling Guards
Corporate/Industrial Guards
Retail Loss prevention Guards
ATM Guards
Mobile Patrollers
Beat Patrols
Intrusion Response
Safety Officers
Crowd Controllers/Bouncers
Traffic Controllers

We employ trained security guards, professional security officers, mobile patrol officers, crowd controllers, on-site CCTV surveillance room operators, remote control room operators, and , work place trainers. Multi proficiency is actively encouraged at “V-force”

All personnel (s) employed by “V-force” are qualified, correspondingly to the job designations;

With the following level of training and essential prerequisite:

  • Security Operations (Guarding/Crowd Control)
  • Minimum Level of First Aid
  • Basic Fire & chemical Safety (Chemical Hazards)
  • Occupational health and safety Preparedness
  • Successfully passed Criminal Record Check
  • Undergo clinical Check
  • Three employment reference checks

All operatives used for static security guards are highly trained. In addition to static security guards “V-force” can provide mobile patrols, most services are available either on a permanent or temporary basis. If required static security guards can be provided at short notice for periods of high risk.


“V-force” designs and implements strategies, which integrate the merits of both manpower and technology, keenly plan and execute on the grounds of Indian private security/safety procedural operations paring as of social behaviour and mindset of our people ,simultaneously balancing accordingly to our environmental considerations, contrariwise focusing on the focal point of employee grievances and long term financial stability of our private security and safety manpower personnel, indeed to keep the available demand intact for the required, which is enormously essential under ‘Security Guarding Services’ and ‘Safety Control Measurers’

Good working relationships and service provision requires regular personal contact and attention to your organisation through a personal Contract Manager allocated to you and your sites. The good Contract Manager will build a close business relationship with your contact representative in order to assess your changing and developing needs on a continuous basis, be available to advise you on security issues and be on hand to resolve problems quickly with security guarding solutions when an emergency occurs.

We look after our employees with good training, wages/benefits and welfare facilities. There is more to security than guarding roles. Front line security operatives can consist of doormen, concierge, receptionists, telephonists, commissionaires, taxi marshals, parking wardens, traffic controllers, crowd control bouncers, gatehouse and weighbridge operatives and a number of different front end roles that can be taken on and effectively carried out by a professional security supplier.

Appropriate licensing and training is a must and to have this in place prior to commencement of the contract. Not only basis required training is sufficient to give you the particular needs and standards of performance for your site, but good liaison is needed with you to ensure your involvement in setting out your requirements for your organisation and site needs.

Resource robustness and continuity we provide a service that is robust, resilient and consistent. We take all the responsibility for fully resourcing you in your security defences to keep you secure and safe. You can safely get on with your own objectives without concerning yourself about your security resource. We provide regional back up resources trained for your site, to ensure that your always have resource replacement

Mobile Patrols (Response Team)

Alarm Response

Our quickly responding mobile patrol officers provide vigilance services in protecting your premises 24/7 ensuring continues protection, our Mobile patrols within 20-25 minutes of occurrence form protecting thence further click police reporting

Routine Mobile Patrols

With quality and capability “V-force” Security patrols are second to none, and guarantee our customers the highest levels of satisfaction and integrity. Our mobile services are a cost-effective option for small - medium-sized, or Large businesses and Home away residents where one security officer serves multiple customers within a limited geographical area and carries out beat patrol, call-out services and opens and closes business premises. Beat patrol can be internal or external or a combination of both, and consists of multiple tasks in addition to crime prevention such as shutting down energy-consuming equipment at night, checking equipment and machinery, access control etc.