“V-force” have installed various CCTV systems ranging from small shops with (2) CCTV cameras, to multi-storey complexes. Our business model is purely based on customer satisfaction. Unlike many competitors, we will not disappear after the initial service and our dedicated CCTV support will be just a call away. We supply and Install the latest CCDP IP/PIR CCTV systems for future proof surveillance accordingly to your brand Choice. Before any CCTV Installation we promise to provide you with unbiased, expert advice on the best CCTV surveillance products and technologies for your needs.

Camera Installation and Management

There are many types of cameras from fixed to manual & auto controlled ( Pan-tilt –zoom ), that are suitable for various situations, environment and purpose, theses cameras come in different specifications such as increased IR Illumination & LED’s , day & night imaging support, audio-video output, image sensors, Automatic AGC Auto white balance, detachable lens , varie -focal lens , IR, distance control ,resolution TVL , inbuilt CCD and CMOS lens , multiple megapixel , maximum relative aperture ETC, likewise the DVR’s and power supply units of different Channels which supports latest functions and NVR’s with advanced facilities thereto to fit distinct requirements of many different security necessities . However the basic specifications are feasible and compatible for general security surveillance and suits most small business and homes to provide a standard requirement which supports current facilities

Surveillance System Consideration

There are a number of factors to consider when setting up an IP-based surveillance system. Network cameras transmit data over your existing IP network, so optimizing bandwidth is important. You'll also need to think about storage: How long will footage are archived? What type of image quality do you require? Will recording be continuous or triggered by motion? Other key considerations include network security and system scalability. Putting thought into these areas before you set up your system will help to ensure that you have the right equipment and the proper game plan to fulfill your surveillance requirements.

Video Storage & Archival

While analog CCTV systems rely on bulky cassette tapes for storage, IP-based surveillance systems are able to store video footage straight to hard disk. This process offers several key benefits, including vastly improved storage capacity, and greatly enhanced searching capabilities. Because the video images are stored digitally, users can quickly sort through archived footage by time and date, and can even add reference tags.

Installation and Deployment

“V-force” only uses the finest products in our video Surveillance Security projects and aligns ourselves with the manufacturers to insure that we bring the best quality of products to match the best quality of people and, in the end, create the best quality of results. Our cabling services division consists of dedicated structured cabling specialists. Each cabling specialist is trained and certified to handle cable projects of any size, including adds, moves, and changes.

Testing and Commissioning

“V-force” Security Solutions will be committed to installing the highest quality video equipment, thereto that cameras provide for high resolution and image integrity, such that video evidence can be used to clearly identify individuals and their activities. Our installed cameras meet the demands of their environments, such that high-security, sealed encasements will ensure the longevity of outdoor installations therefore tested and commissioned to IP remote monitoring facilities or stationed for central monitoring unit through networking platform.

CMS: Monitoring

Our Central Monitoring Station program provides an overall central monitoring solution for high-profile security areas in commercial, industrial and residential use markets. Controlled systems can utilize Central Monitoring Station solution to manage its heavy task of DVR monitoring and surveillance. Numerous Surveillance Systems may be connected with hundreds of thousands of cameras and integrated with IR sensors, motion sensors, fire detectors, alarms, and POS systems.

Service & Maintenance

CCTV maintenance and CCTV Service is always overlooked or forgotten about until it’s too late. Having the vast experience of the most prestigious jobs in over the last 10 years in design and installation of security systems, comes the next critical stage of keeping the systems alive. You will be able to choose from a comprehensive or periodic maintenance agreement to ensure that you get the most out of your security system. Our CCTV maintenance & repair team are responsible for both emergency and routine maintenance.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Most CCTV maintenance can be covered by a contract between the client and provider. The maintenance whether preventative or repair will be covered under the contract and should a component of the CCTV system fail, the replacement cost can be included in the maintenance contract.